Wednesday, June 29, 2011

we will see

so, since I kept up with my blog in Rwanda I thought maybe I could try to do it in America. But, from this point on it will be able little things i like and fun stuff in my life so Rwanda can get out now if you want! I won't be offended. ;)

Today I was feeling a bit blue. And, I've just heard on the news that people are more likely to die on payday so you guys be careful! But, I wanted to share a few things that I loved today. When I was in Rwanda I bought many necklaces to give out to my darling friends and mom that were made of paper beads. Well, I had never seen paper beads before. I thought they were awesome! Now I notice them everywhere! So, yesterday when I was shopping at Anthropologie ( i noticed these!


So, i looked them up online on Anthropologie's website and found out that these are made with recycled paper and the website has necklaces made by the bluma project ( (yes I know i can link these but am having trouble lol) which actually has their necklaces made by women in Rwanda. So it really made me smile to think that these companies are selling products that help my people in Rwanda! love it. Also, since I'm on the subject, check out the Anthropologist ( for some amazing pictures of nature and such. I love photography and these photos reminded me of the awesomeness of God. So while I was feeling blue about whatever insignificant thing is weighing on my mind, God used something as simple as online shopping to bring it back to Him! Go God!

A personal prayer of mine is to see God's works around me and also to listen to what He's saying to me.

hope y'all enjoy!


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