Friday, June 3, 2011

practice makes perfect

So, I am practicing uploading pictures from flickr to my blog so that when I update while in Rwanda I can post high quality photos! I am not at all experienced in these things, but I have a blogging mentor named Lauren who is showing me the ropes. So here goes my test for posting a pic!


THANKS TO LAUREN!! she's the best! this is sophie, my pup. she's sad i'm leaving her with her granny and paw paw

I guess it works! We should be read to rock and roll.

Also, shout out to my team!! Al and Debbie Murray and their lovely daughter Anna Grace, Sara Wilson, Webber Woodruff and Janet Stanley (who is my roomie and hopefully I don't snore! sophie hasn't told me if I do) Pray for us! I think you'll be hearing from these guys this week if I can get them to pipe in on the blog!

Rwanda here we come!

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  1. Hope ur feeling ok from ur flight. Love u! Aunt Pam