Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Days two and three!!

Hi friends! Sorry I didn't post yesterday but it was very late when we got back and we had to figure out what was going on with our bags so I didn't have a chance but I will post some pictures of our trip. We met the kids yesterday for the first time and it was AMAZING!! These kids are so awesome! I love them so much! Below is a picture we took today of the kids waving and saying "Hello America!! Hello Alabama!!" We also had the kids saying "ROLL TIDE" and "WAR EAGLE"!!! I tried to discourage the War Eagle but we had to give both teams fair representation. Al got the ROLL TIDE on video though!! :D


This sweet little boy met us today when we got there. He is not a sponsored child and as far as I can tell does not go to school. He was just a village kid and was so sweet I had to take his picture.


This is welcome we got yesterday! The little boy in the middle is Sara Wilson's sponsored child Kizito. He was playing the part of a mighty warrior!!


Here is Sara and Kizito!!


Webber is showing her little guy Samuel how to take pictures. The kids LOVED to take pictures with our cameras.


Janet and Claude, Claude is a little charmer. Just look at that face!


Mrs. Debbie Murray taught all the kids (and me!) how to blow Jesus "fat sugars!" those are big kisses. We have this on video!


Dan (our Compassion man and now part of the family) was wearing my sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun and he got a big hug from Julienne!!


Al got a big laugh out of me for trying to take pictures with my lens cap on. After it was off I snapped this shot!


Our lunch which was very good!


This little boy was enjoying his lunch. We served them today rice, greens and beans. It smelled wonderful!


Sorry for the flood of photos but I think that's what you really want to see most! Hope you enjoy them!


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