Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been watching DC Cupcakes on TLC, and now really want to learn to make gourmet cupcakes!! I must buy one of those cupcake cookbooks and start learning! everyone loves cupcakes! Here are some of the ones I'd like to make. Check them out at the site below.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

oh sad day.....

So friends, I'm feeling a bit blue day. I'm on the verge of making a devastating decision that I'm not really sure I can commit to. Those who know me well know that I am dedicated fan of Diet Mt. Dew. It's a serious addiction. I've been thinking about getting healthier these days (since obviously I will be having kids later in life!) So, I know that the massive amounts of caffeine that I enjoy on a daily basis cannot be good for my body. But, the idea of severing ties with my neon green friend makes me gloomy. Diet Mt. Dew has been there for me during the awkward teen years. It traveled with me to the land of Crimson and White and was there by my side while studying for the CPA exam. It was always there to pick me up when the stresses of busy season brought me to the verge of tears (and sometimes over the edge head first into the tears! sorry friends who've witnessed those batches of crazy!)

But, I'm starting to wonder if my friend has been a true friend at all. Yes, this tasty elixir has been a comfort and a crutch. But many studies suggest that there are negative impacts of too much caffeine. Honestly, I think the effects of me without caffeine (crankiness, tiredness, headaches...and did I mention CRANKINESS?!?!) are going to be much worse. So, if I do take the plunge and give up my wonderful lemon-lime friend, I think I will have to continue to have some caffeine until the grief of the loss of my friend has passed.

Well, I will have to do some serious soul searching about this. Weigh my options. Sleep on it. I'll keep you guys posted.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

first blog...

Well, here I go. I have had requests to start a blog to share the funny stories that happen in the life of KBT. Mostly the horrible dates I've been on in search of "Mr. Right." I think this is going to be slow to start. Hopefully as I get experience with this whole process my posts will get more interesting! I'm hoping my blog experienced friends will offer up some advice as to how to personalize this space and upload photos. So, I guess I should start with a little bit about me. I'm Kaci. I have a pretty awesome and funny family that consists of my Harley riding dad Billy, rockstar brother Jon, and the funniest of all my mom Kathy. So, at the moment I don't have specific examples to describe to show you why she's the funniest...give me time. I'm just getting my feet wet! :)

My immediate family (as in family that lives in the same house as me) is Sophie, my little 4 1/2 year old Yorkie. She's a mess. And a bed hog..see below..this is what I get every night. She tries to sleep in the middle.
But, I love her even though she tries to steal my spot in the bed.

Well..I guess this is enough for now. The Hills finale is coming on in 6 minutes, and I must watch it!!