Monday, June 6, 2011

In the land of a thousand one


Today we started our day with breakfast at the hotel which was a buffet of baked goods, bacon, cereal, fruit, sausages, etc. Here is a picture of our breakfast buddy...


After breakfast we went to the Compassion Rwanda office and met the management team there. Everyone was very nice and we met the people who handle our letters when we write to our sponsored children. And I found some kindred spirits....




Jon, our Compassion guide told me that the Rwandans feel the same way about auditors over here. lol these guys weren't the favorites.

After we left the Compassion offices and had lunch at the hotel, we went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. It was heartbreaking. After our tour of the center we met a lovely family!


And I got to hold a sweet baby


Then my camera stopped working!!! We went to see the hotel where the actual events in the Hotel Rwanda movie took place. However due to the fact that my camera stopped working I wasn't able to take any pictures. It was very interesting to see the hotel.

Then Jon our guide saved the day and fixed my camera!!

So here's a shout out to Jon!!! My hero!


Well, the day is almost done here. We are having dinner in a short time and then I think we will all crash because we are still exhausted from travel. Hope you guys enjoy the update! Talk to y'all tomorrow! Tomorrow we see our kids!!

p.s. still no word on the bags, but they are still expected to arrive tomorrow..keep praying!

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