Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here are some pictures from the TNA Impact wrestling that I went to with the Lamars last week! Hope you enjoy!




Monday, August 15, 2011

just think about it..

Ok friends, I've got something on my heart I have to share with y'all. It's been over 2 months now since I've returned from Rwanda and the children of East Africa are weighing heavy on my heart. I know we all see and hear about the poverty and suffering every day it seems like and sometimes we just get tired of hearing about it. We just want to hear good news. I am one of those people myself! I never watch the news just for this reason. But, God has opened my eyes to the hurting and now that I have seen, I am responsible. I can tell you lots of stories of the things I heard and saw in Rwanda. I'm gonna show you some pictures as I go along.

One of the things that will stick with me forever is the love that these kids poured out for me.


The kids in the photo above were not kids sponsored by my co-workers at WAKM. These kids were just school kids that were on a break from their studies. You can see though they rushed to get a hug. From me..a nerdy accountant from Cullman, Alabama. Nothing special..but to these kids I looked like hope. You see, in Rwanda, American's are "rich." And the fact that a "rich" person came all the way to see them let them know that someone cares. Someone took notice that life isn't always easy for them.


This young mother was eager to talk with me and Webber about her family. They had very little by the looks of their home, but they were happy to let us visit with them and love on their children.


This little guy was named Michael. We fed him a peanut butter cracker and it took him a while to chew it with his two teeth but look at his sweet face..



These children were not Compassion sponsored children. Their mothers told us they hope and pray that one day they will be sponsored to help them have a better life.

Friends, those of you who know me well, you know I'm not a cheesy person. I am a bit of a cynic to be honest. So when I tell you that you can make a difference in lives just like these...I really mean it. For $38 a month you can raise a family out of despair and give their children a fighting chance! You might think that $38 is a lot of money and it is really when you are giving it monthly, but what if that was all it took to make sure your child could go to the doctor when they were sick. What if that's all it took to send them to school and make sure that they have loving Christian adults in their lives that took an interest in them to make sure they were ok.


I know I spend at least that much eating out once a month. And I can tell y'all, it wouldn't hurt me one bit to miss that meal. But the meals it provides for these kids can make the difference in them going to sleep at night hungry or having enough to eat. Y'all know I'm addicted to diet mountain dew, but if I gave it up and gave the money I saved from buying those drinks to a family in need, I could help make sure they can have clean water to drink. And if I gave up the money that I spent buying just one more outfit or one more pair of shoes (when I already have so many) it could go to a child who doesn't have any shoes and walks barefoot every where they go.


Please pray for these children around the world. Not just in Rwanda. There are children just like these all over the world. I know you've seen the statistics, but you guys know me. I have been there and I have seen what just $38 a month can do! It changed my sponsored child Julienne's life and the lives of her whole family! But it changed my life too. Please join me in being a good steward of God's blessings. Please consider giving up eating out once a month or buying a few less cokes to save a life.

(image from google)

Because y'all, what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if this was your child? I know you would be praying and trusting God to send some help! And YOU might just be the help that a child in need is waiting for. To sponsor:

If sponsorship isn't something you're interested in, then please consider donating to help the famine in East Africa! I won't bombard you with photos of these starving children, all you have to do is google it to get enough to make your heart break. Please just do something to help if you can! here is where you can go to donate now! If you can't afford to donate then please just pray and ask God to send those who will.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art in the atrium

 My church has art classes in our atrium from time to time. Tonight was my first time to go and we made Ink block paintings. Here are mine:

I think the blue is my favorite but i like them all. This was very interesting and i think I will do some more ink block art in the future. We traced stencils onto Styrofoam then i added some flair to mine with the swirl and details on the inside of the cross. Then we put on the ink and then placed it on paper like a stamper. This is how printing presses work (kinda). Anyways, it was a lot of fun! Sorry my post is scattered but I'm very tired!

Here's a picture of the action...

The lady in the black shirt above was our teacher Ms. Mona Ivey. She teaches art at West Point High School. In the blue shirt is Rev. John Richter. This was in our beautiful new atrium at St. John's. LOVE IT!

Goodnight friends!