Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 5

Today we went to visit another Child Sponsorship Project in Nyamata where they also have a Cottage. The Cottage part of this project is for kids who have become orphans and need a caregiver to look after them. We met 7 kids in age ranged from 15 years old to 22 years old. These 7 kids became orphans as a result of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda during the 1990's. They have a caregiver and all go to secondary school (high school). I would ask that you pray for all of the children that we've met on this trip, and especially for these. These kids seemed to have heavy hearts because of the circumstances that brought them to living in the Compassion Cottage. The picture below is the group with the kids, caregiver and project staff.


We also met a beautiful little girl that we estimated to be about 3 years old. She had some spunk and a face that would just make you smile. The first time we saw her she was carrying a load of firewood bigger than her on her head. I think we all wanted to bring her home with us. However, we met her mother, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't let us have her!


After this we had lunch with some college students in the Leadership Development Program that Compassion has for college age students that can't afford to go to the universities here. Warren, Averett sponsors two of these college kids and we visited one of their homes today. The pictures below are of houses in the area where Jean Paul, the LDP student lives.



The picture below is Webber with Jean Paul, WAKM's sponsored LDP student. Jean Paul has an incredible story of survival. You might notice that he has white skin and he was born this way due to a condition with his pigmentation. Please pray for this young man! I won't include his whole story here except to say that you should ask us to tell you about Jean Paul when we get back. I don't think I could do his story justice in this small amount of time.


These kids were children that lived in Jean Paul's neighborhood. They were excited to see us. We draw crowds everywhere we go because people are curious about the white folks. I taught these kids to say "bye bye" and blow kisses! They were so sweet. Look at their little clothes and you start to get a feel for the level of poverty here in Rwanda. Pictures do not do this justice.


This is a picture of the many "shanty houses" that we have seen every day here in Kigali. There are miles and miles of homes like this that basically sit on top of each other. Please pray for the people in Rwanda!


We also got to tour the Rwanda Trading Company which is a coffee exporter. The owners of this company are in Arkansas I think and Dan with Compassion set this up for us. It was very interesting. The pictures below are of the coffee processing. The women hand pick the coffee beans for quality and the men in the picture load trucks with the coffee once it's ready for export. These bags weigh 132lbs each. These men were singing and very excited and I asked why and they said because it's Friday afternoon! I think we can all relate!



This will probably be my last post until we get back. We are taking our sponsored kids to an amusement park tomorrow (a first for the kids!) and then we will do some shopping in the local market and head for home! Our flight leaves tomorrow night at 8pm Rwanda time (which is 7 hours ahead of you guys back home so at 1pm think about us!) Pray for safe travels and for God to give us strength on the loooooong flight back to the US. We have had a great week and all feel so blessed to have been here!

See you guys soon!

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