Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 4

I wanted to start the blog today with what I think will now become our theme for the trip. Today Sara and Eugene were talking while we were waiting and Eugene said to Sara, "Two different colors. One Kingdom. One God" and this is the picture I snapped of the two.


Some of us went on home visits yesterday and some today. I went Julienne's family today and her mother told me that they pray for my family and think of my family as their own and she is thankful to God for bringing us all together. Here are some pictures below of the visit.



Cow - made possible by Kaci Tidwell! lol it made me happy to see that my contributions helped buy this cow for the family.


The family members that were there today. Left to Right: Betty (older sister) Julienne's mother, Julienne, Me, Josie Anne, and the cow of course!


Me and the girls in their room


Me and Debbie feeding the girls iced animal crackers! These have been my favorite since I was a kid.


In the front room of the house. You might notice that above us are all the pictures that I have sent to Julienne!


Janet, Al, Anna Grace, and Debbie sat in on a secondary school class today and told them about where we are from and what we are doing. Debbie isn't pictured but is there also.

The group with the Compassion project staff and church leadership.


This is Eugene (Rwanda Compassion), Gigi (our van driver), and William (Rwanda Compassion). Eugene and William are the ones that have been interpreting for us and having fun with us all week! Gigi is also having fun and he has been driving us. Gigi is a very skilled driver!


After our home visits today we met a group of people in the Child Survival Program that Compassion has where expectant mothers in need can come and get nutrition and medical care. This lady told us her story about her pregnancy. She said that when she became pregnant with the baby pictured she was ashamed because her family could not afford anymore children. But when she came to the center and got the help from the CSP she then felt this child was a blessing and was touched by God! She said that she believes this is her blessed child now.


That's all for now! I hope you enjoy!

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