Tuesday, July 26, 2011


this post is dedicated to my sweet little pup sophie....

practice 013

This is her face when she doesn't want me to take her picture. As I type this she is in the bed. She's a very smart little dog. She has trained me how to get up and put her in the bed at night. She's also trained me how to get up and get her a treat.

Kaci's Pics 265

this is her "safe spot" she loves this pink bag. She gets in there when she's scared or if she thinks we're going somewhere.

Kaci's Pics 269

this is what she does during the day (IF i leave the drapes pulled back, which during the summer is rare b/c it warms up the whole house) she loves to sit and watch the neighbors though. It's also a prime spot to watch for Granny or her Auntie Cassie to pull up.

Kaci's Pics 273

this is one of my favorite pictures of her. she looks so sweet and warm.

sophie is scared of thunderstorms so i got her a thundershirt to try and help with this....so far it's working...since i bought it we haven't had a storm to try it out with...lol


She is also dramatic. What should have just been a little blood drawn during her yearly check up turned into lots of bleeding and this bandage...


but she's the best!! She's always happy to see me!



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