Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who are the least?

Hi friends! So, I was listening to NPR on the way home (as usual..i'm a nerd) and I honestly can't tell you what they were talking about lol. I don't remember. The topic stuck in my head (and maybe they were talking about this? I honestly do not remember!) was Alabama's new immigration law. Again our state has made headlines for what can be boiled down to racism and intolerance. And I know those are strong words. I am not going to begin to get into the politics of illegal immigration simply because I don't know enough about all of the issues to carry on what would likely lead to some kind of debate with my good friend Adam Lamar in which I'd just have to end with "YOUR MOM!" So I'll just keep it to what I know.

Jesus tells us in Matthew very clearly to care for the "least of these." They are all around us. They are the hungry, the sick, the ones in prison and strangers just to name a few. These categories aren't some I've made up. Jesus said...

"35. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

So, I hopped over to dictionary.com to just make sure I had the definition of a stranger correct:

stran·ger [streyn-jer]  

 1. a person with whom one has had no personal acquaintance: He is a perfect stranger to me.
2.a newcomer in a place or locality: a stranger in town.
3.an outsider: They want no strangers in on the club meetings.
4.a person who is unacquainted with or unaccustomed to something (usually followed by to ): He is no stranger to poverty.
5.a person who is not a member of the family, group, community, or the like, as a visitor or guest: Our town shows hospitality to strangers.
I think you guys can see where I'm going here. Jesus told us (and I'm paraphrasing) that when we do for the least of these, we do for Him. He said that. And I don't see where it says when you invited only strangers who had the proper documentation in, you did for Him. I can't imagine wanting to leave my home to go to a country where I don't know anyone or even speak the language. So, it must be a desperate decision when someone decides to do such to try and have a better life. 
I'm not meaning to be on a soap box. Seems like I am always asking you guys to think about something! But, I'm just sharing with you the thoughts that stick in my brain. I have to remind myself constantly of God's Word because I promise every day I do 10 things wrong for every 1 thing I do right. So I thank God for His Grace! 
I just mean to say that as Christians we are charged with following God's Word. Not just the Words that are convenient or that fit what we already wanted to do anyway, but all of them. And I just don't see how this Immigration Law fits into this.  


  1. By creating an environment where everyone pays taxes and not just US citizens...

  2. I really appreciate this post. I am like you, I don't know much about the legal aspect of this but have been very struck by the things I have heard coming from the mouths of those around me. I understand where the anger comes from but it hurts my heart that it seems that people are spewing out such hatred remarks. I have been very convicted about this issue for quiet some time. I have sat back and listened in different Sunday schools at people saying unloving horrible remarks about "those Mexicans. " It truly wants to make me cry. I am not choosing a "liberal" side to be contradictory or because it is the "popular" thing to do. It is something I have prayed about and something that has been laid heavily on my heart. Do the immigrants that come here really know how to become citizens? How could they when most people spend there time looking at them as outsiders? No, they don't speak our language. Which one of us has approached them to offer help in learning? I am tired of hearing that this group of people doesn't deserve this help because of "insert reason 151 here. " no it isn't fair when people receive money that we paid in. People talk of people feeling entitled to welfare or living here illegally but aren't we preaching a sense of entitlement ourselves when we start preaching who deserves the help that is out there? I understand that people take advantage of the system. Yes changes need to be made but there needs to be changes made not out of hatred and anger and judgement but out of good sense. I guess we fill that we have "shown them" by getting illegal kids out of school and people that don't belong here out of our state. Who are we really showing? Ourselves to make us feel like we got our "fair share?" how does that fit contextually with the principles of Christ? As I said, I am sure my view point won't be popular, but I am ok with that. Until I hear reasons to make me feel otherwise that come from a place of Christ centered love, then I will not be persuaded otherwise. And yes, this comes from a hard working legal citizen that pays into the system.