Sunday, September 25, 2011

my life in lists

So, a while back I bought a journal of sorts called a Listography. I like the idea of keeping a journal but since I am a procrastinator, it would go about as good as this blog. I'd write in it maybe once a week. :) And, I wouldn't have anything profound to say! Not that it would have to be, but you know if I'm documenting my days in an effort to preserve my memories, well I would like to think I had some good thoughts every now and then. Here are some of my favorite list topics.

1. List your favorite books: pride & prejudice, LoTR trilogy, Blue like Jazz, this could be a long list so i'll just move on...

2. List your best purchases: hmm..this one is tough. my house? i like having my own space. i just bought a Rowenta iron which could prove to be a great purchase! (thanks Lauren for introducing me to this)

3. List your favorite TV shows of all time: Modern Family is quickly becoming a favorite of all time. Little House on the Prairie is still one of my faves even though I know it makes me a big nerd.

4. List the things people should remember you for: this one is hard! So, I don't know what people should remember me for but I do know that a handful of folks will remember the video of me singing at the Avett show for a while

5.List the websites you visit most often: facebook, pintrest, here, msnbc, you tube (because i cannot stop watching the honey badger video!)

Well, you get the idea! So far I've only filled in a few. Maybe one day I'll fill them all in.

Hope you guys had a fantastic Sunday!


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